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As of October 2022 there are 80 Fellows of All Souls, three Honorary Fellows, ten Visiting Fellows and thirty-four  Emeritus (i.e. retired academic) Fellows, whose continuing research the College actively supports. Of the current Fellows, forty-three are academics entirely funded by All Souls (as Senior Research Fellows, Post-Doctoral Fellows, and Examination Fellows), sixteen are academics with Oxford University positions attached to All Souls, and the rest include academics at other universities, non-academics (e.g. barristers), former Fellows who have attained distinction in public life, and the College Chaplain, Fellow Librarian, and Bursars.

Through the Examination Fellowships and Post-Doctoral Fellowships, the College is strongly committed to academics at an early stage of their careers. At the same time the College has twenty-six Fellows of the British Academy (and a further twenty amongst its Emeritus Fellows), and three Fellows of the Royal Society.

The College is a charity registered with the Charity Commission (Registration number 1138057).